Initiated by Barry Callebaut

Treat Tomorrow. Shaping chocolate indulgence for the decade to come.

28 April 2021

Health-conscious, happiness-seeker, plant-based curious… Our attitude to chocolate is evolving. Livestream the 5 mini-series and join the hot topic discussions with the experts to shape together the future of chocolate indulgence.


A sneak peek at themini-series and topics

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Highlighted speakers

  • Antoine de Saint-Affrique
    Live Welcome

    To see in: Live Welcome

  • Dirk Jacobs
    A Taste for Health

    To see in: A Taste for Health

  • Leo Bormans
    Gen Zest for Life

    To see in: Gen Zest for Life

  • Aarti Kapoor

    To see in: Accountab’ALL

  • Turner Wyatt
    1, 2, Tree, Go!

    To see in: 1, 2, Tree, Go!

  • 01 / 05

    Antoine de Saint-Affrique

    Chief Executive Officer, Barry Callebaut

    Together we will shape the future of chocolate
  • 02 / 05

    Dirk Jacobs

    Deputy Director General FoodDrinkEurope

    New policy initiatives to sugar consumption are underway
  • 03 / 05

    Leo Bormans

    Global Ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life

    Chocolate is a great metaphor for celebrating the three levels of happiness.
  • 04 / 05

    Aarti Kapoor

    Managing Director Embode

    Sustainability helps to enhance trust and drive brand value
  • 05 / 05

    Turner Wyatt

    Co-founder and CEO of Upcycled Food Association

    An upcycled food economy will lead to a future without food waste, in which all food is elevated to its highest and best use

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